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So Cal beer for the PNW shores August 5, 2013

My last couple of trips back home to So. Cal did not, unfortunately, include a visit to San Diego. There are many a great breweries in San Diego and the county has quite the 1002235_672912556055851_818241141_nreputation for producing some of America’s finest craft beers. About a month or two ago the very generous owner of Oceanside Ale Works, Mark Purciel, sent me a special package filled with “liquid sunshine.”

Elevation 83 Extreme Pale Ale (8.3% ABV) is a nicely hopped, well-balanced pale ale. Medium to full-bodied, this extreme pale ale is no lie! The aroma is hoppy yet has a touch of hard alcohol. Syrupy mouth feel. Toasty, very hop forward, and a bit of a whiskey finish. The overall taste reminds me of a crisp, autumn day. It would be a perfect ale for those cool summer nights on a Southern California beach, or a great fireside beer in the PNW. I really like this beer.

Thanks again to Mark and the great folks at the brewery! I know one thing: I need to get my butt down to Oceanside!




8 Responses to “So Cal beer for the PNW shores”

  1. Josh Sanderson Says:

    Your blog is a joke. I am studied BJCP and Cicerone. I bet you could not tell me the difference between ales/lagers or even quote the proper fermentation temp for a lager. Get lost and shut up. Joke.

    • pnwbeerchick Says:

      Josh, thank you so much for taking time out of your obviously busy day to offer feedback regarding my blog. Your “constructive criticism” was duly noted. While I do appreciated your status as a learned person in the beer world, the fact you felt the need to share your credentials with me tells me you are obviously compensating for some shortcomings. Hopefully, you will no longer visit my blog and not be so offended by its contents. Oh, and it’s just a beer blog, get over yourself.

    • JMcK Says:

      Finally sucked the last fumes out of that rusty old Schlitz can, didja, Mr. Expert? Dude, anyone with access to Google can explain the distinctions among ale, lager, pilsener, etc. What PNW beer chick offers is THOUGHTS–ever had one?

  2. Scion Scott Says:

    AND Boom goes the dynamite Josh … Your comment is the actual joke here. The blog is one girls opinions and nothing more. I don’t brew beer but I am good at drinking it and can tell you what I like and don’t like and share that with my friends often. Your attempt at making the author look bad has badly failed and now you must retreat back under the bridge that you came out from troll … Good Day Sir!

  3. Wow, the hate that gets spewed over the web. Not sure why the unprovoked attack. I’m sure that guy could tear into me too if he saw my blog, even I spell it out clearly that I am not a beer expert. A blog like this is about people sharing their thoughts and experiences. What’s wrong with that?

  4. michy Says:

    I feel pity for Josh. Hims needs a fweind or some attention that Mommy isn’t giving him. Its sad the only way for him to self soothe is to strike out. Nice job at being graceful Beer chick! We love you. Keep doing what you do! Xo

  5. shannonb70 Says:

    Yikes! Bitter, Party of one, your table is ready! GEE WHIZ, Josh. Take it easy, it’s just an opinion. WOW!

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