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About me and my blog. October 24, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Let me just start off by saying that I am in no way a professional beer critic or expert. I’m just a chick who likes beer…good beer. I enjoy a good pub where a pint is a relaxing and enjoyable experience.
My first “real beer” was in 1994. My ex-husband Scott (at that time boyfriend) took me out on our first date. I ordered a Zima and thought he was going to end the date right then and there. He gave me a sip of his Anchor Steam and I was hooked. From that moment on I have enjoyed beers from literally all over the world and to this day can’t believe what I was missing before I tried that first craft beer.
In 2007, Scott & I moved from our native Southern California to Western Washington State. We were BLOWN AWAY by the amazing beer culture that exists in the Pacific Northwest! Sure, we had a few craft breweries in So Cal, and there are some bars and pubs back home that serve a few craft brews and imports, but the beer culture in So Cal pales in comparison to this part of the country. I love the level of support people in the “PNW” (Pacific Northwest) have for not just their local breweries, but for good beer in general and I’m proud to say I’m a part of it.
I decided to create this blog to share my opinions, experiences and photos of the places I’ve been throughout the country and the brews I’ve had. I’m constantly learning new things about the industry and beer making process.  I welcome any comments and personal experiences you would like to share.

Cheers! Gesondheid! Наздраве! 乾杯! Na zdravi! Skål! A Votre Sante! Sláinte! Prost! στην υγειά σας! Okole Maluna! לְחַיִּים! Salute! Эрүүл мэндийн төлөө! Saúde! Будем здоровы! ¡Salud! Oogy wawa!

Elizabeth “Liz” Bush

To contact me please send any email to


23 Responses to “About me and my blog.”

  1. Angie Salazar Says:

    Way to go Liz!

  2. Ben Vize Says:

    Well done Liz!

  3. todd stewart Says:

    Are you open for user endorsed Beer Reviews??? As an avid Tacoma Beer drinker, I’d love to contribute my thoughts.. but only with permission and preview by host.

    Is there a better way than this message window to submit such reviews?

    • pnwbeerchick Says:

      Todd, thank you so much for your interest! I would love to hear your thoughts, but I’m not sure if there is another way other than the window. I will look into settings and see what I can find. 🙂 Thank you again!! Liz

  4. Paul R Says:

    Great to see a beer chick blogging. I’d like to add you to my blogroll at if you’re OK with it

  5. Merely a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw great style and design .

  6. studying Says:

    About me and my blog. Pacific Northwest Beer Chick has been stored as a favorite :), I like your website!

  7. Hi BeerBlogger!

    Chuckanut Brewery brews a variety of delicious beers you must try if you haven’t already! Have you been out to the small brewpub in Bellingham, WA? Do you have an email we can send beer updates too?

    Thank You,

    Loreah Winlow
    Marketing Intern
    Chuckanut Brewery and Kitchen

  8. Hey, Thank you for this amazing blog post! I will certainly save About me and my blog. Pacific Northwest Beer Chick. Thank you.

  9. About me and my blog. Pacific Northwest Beer Chick has been saved like a favorite :), I like your website!

  10. Hi Liz,
    I just posted a comment on your Bainbridge visit entry. Then I looked at your “about” description. You sound like a female version of me 🙂 My wife introduced me to quality beer. I also describe myself as just a guy who loves beer (and bicycling) and who is not a beer expert. I chronicle my beer-by-bike adventures around the Seattle area at my blog.

  11. Iffi Says:

    Glad to read your post :). It is very informative!

  12. Sarah Jane Says:

    So glad I finally made it to your blog Liz!! I checked out your twitter too (I don’t have one so I just looked) Keep it up, see you soon at Wet Coast! SJ

  13. Christian Carroll Says:

    We moved to Gig Harbor from Huntington Beach,Ca. last year and you are correct.The beer culture is way better here.I love the microbrewed beers.

  14. Christian Carroll Says:

    I hope my dad doesn’t read this blog.He’s an ex English teacher,and my last post needs some work.Time to go back to school.I must have lost too many brain cells from all those great beers I’ve drank.

  15. Jim Says:

    Moved here (Newcastle) myself from HB back in mid 2006 (semi-retired). The beer is good but I do miss the sand between my toes.

  16. Jim Says:

    Moved here as well from HB. Living in Newcastle. Still miss the sand between my toes and frequently travel down to HB to satisfy that and my quench for surfing.

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