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1st Annual Bremerton Summer BrewFest 2011 July 27, 2011

Beautiful blue sky, 85 degree weather, and 23 micro-breweries…what a great day! Well…for the most part it was.

The first annual Bremerton Summer BrewFest on Saturday was packed full of some of Washington State’s best brewers pouring some of their finest, and quirky, beers.  Over 50 beers were served, sipped, discussed and spilled. But it was quite apparent there are some bugs that need to be worked out before the 2nd annual is held.  Let’s discuss the low points a little later. Right now let’s get into the high point of the day…the beer. Below I have listed my top 5 favorites.

#5 Summer Rain Pale Ale – Battenkill Brewing Co. (5.8% ABV) Poulsbo, WA – This wonderful pale ale is  like orange blossoms in a glass. Sporting a beautiful orange blossom nose and sweet honey finish, Battenkill brews this great summer ale with NW Pale ale malt, Simcoe and Amarillo hops, and a bit of Orange Blossom Honey. Summer Rain is a sweetly refreshing, light and crisp ale and one of my favorite beers of the day.

#4 Curly Tail Pale Ale – Slippery Pig Brewery (5.0% ABV) Poulsbo, WA – Unusual brew, and wicked good. One of Poulsbo’s newest breweries has created a deliciously fun pale ale brewed with 10 lbs of stinging nettles. This dark red ale is a little sweet and a lot sour. Very similar to the increasingly popular sour beers, but not quite as tart. Great job Slippery Pig!

#3 Mt. Walker Wheat Ale – Hood Canal Brewery (4.0% ABV) Kingston, WA – Who doesn’t love gum balls?
Another fun beer making an appearance at the BrewFest, the Mt. Walker Wheat smells like bananas, wheat, and flowers. The taste is just as tantalizing with flavors of banana and gum balls. I know it sounds strange and overly sweet, but trust me…you will have a hard time putting this one down!

#2 Loser Strong Pale Ale – Elysian Brewing Co. (7.0% ABV) Seattle, WA – One of my favorite breweries in Washington created one of my favorite beers of the day. Both my hubby and I loved this beer! Elysian uses quite a few different hops and malts creating a very well-balanced, crisp pale ale that has what I can only describe as a “rice crispy” finish. Medium bodied and yummy!

#1 Yoda’s Green Tea Gold – Port Townsend Brewing Co. (4.7% ABV) Port Townsend, WA – With me The
Force was (Yoda voice) after my first sip of this awesome beer! Brewed with an organic, steamed green tea called bancha, Port Townsend created a truly refreshing, flavorful beer unlike any I have ever had before. I had to take it slow while I enjoyed this brew because it was very easy to forget I was not drinking an iced green tea! MMMmmmmm (Yoda voice again)What a gem!!!!

Now for the low points…unfortunately, the brewers began running out of beer around 3:00pm and still had 6 hours to go! We cut the organizers some slack because, after all, this was the 1st annual BrewFest and perhaps they underestimated what the turnout would be(about 4-5,000 people showed up!). But hopefully next year they will be a bit more prepared. There was absolutely no place to sit unless you found a curb and the only shady spots were under the baby trees that lined the street. There was 1 food cart that served hamburgers and hotdogs but again, no place to sit and eat it and there wasn’t a bottled water or soda in sight. Live bands provided some entertainment, but, for the third time, no place to sit, not even a tree stump, anywhere! Overall, we had a pretty good time and will give it a go next year, but will be bringing my own chair… and umbrella hat… and food.



Info for Slippery Pig Brewery can be found on Facebook.


Upcoming Event: Bremerton Summer BrewFest July 20, 2011

Saturday, July 23, 2011
Noon – 9pm

Downtown Bremerton on Pacific Avenue between Burwell and 6th St.

$15 advance tickets, $20 at the door (military discount tickets are $15 at the door)

**Entry includes a tasting cup and five tokens good for 5.5oz tastes each

**Additional tokens may be purchased at $1.50 each or four for $5




chicks love Dick’s…Brewing company! July 11, 2011

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Sometimes the most nondescript buildings contain the best little surprises. Case-in-point is Dick’s Brewery located in a residential area of Centralia, WA. The brewery is in the plainest of buildings with a simple sign out front. If you blink, you may miss it.

Dick Young began brewing Dick’s Danger Ale from his deli, NW Sausage and Deli, in 1984 as a home brewing hobby. In 1990, he began selling Dick’s Danger Ale to the public and the beer took off. Sadly, Dick recently passed away but the brewery and deli are still going strong producing some pretty tasty beers and serving it alongside some of the freshest meats, cheeses, sandwiches and salads in the area. They also have the largest beer sampler tray I have ever seen so be sure and bring someone to share it with…it really is that big!

Golden Ale (5.5% ABV) – Sweet and lightly hopped, Golden Ale is straw in color and light to medium bodied. Tastes a bit like
honey candy with a nice, crisp finish. This beer would go great with summer BBQ cuisine.

IPA (5.5% ABV) – Chinook and Tomahawk hops amp up the flavor creating what Dick’s considers “one of the hoppiest IPA’s on the market.” And they aren’t kidding!  Hoppy aroma and taste with a grapefruit rind and caramel finish. Medium bodied, this
is a true, butt-kicking IPA.

Hefeweizen (4.0% ABV) – Caramel color and filtered. Banana aroma with a “bready,” sweet taste. Medium bodied and spicy finish. Yummy!

Best Bitter (5.5 % ABV) – Dark caramel color. Magnum hops and caramel malt create a nicely balanced, hoppy, malty brew.  Best Bitter has a caramel flavor and a peppery finish.

Pale Ale – (4.0% ABV) – Extremely easy to drink, the hops are so light that if I didn’t know better I would not realize I was drinking a Pale Ale. Caramel essence and light, with a malty, crisp finish. This beer reminds me more of an English Ale than a Pale Ale.

Irish Ale (5.2 %ABV) – Beautiful red color with an essence of scotch and candy. The Irish Ale is slightly sweet with a touch of
hazelnut. The Irish Ale was one of my favorites.

Mountain Amber Ale (5.0% ABV) – My favorite beer of the day, the Mountain Amber Ale has a pretty straw, honey, floral aroma. The floral carries over into the taste and finishes crisp, sweet and clean. Mountain Amber is very easy to drink and would go great with any meal.

Danger Ale (4.5% ABV) – Dick’s flagship is also the most popular. Black malt gives the Danger Ale it’s pretty, dark cherry-brown color and smooth texture. Magnum and Mt. Hood hops creates a nice smoky, toasty taste and medium body. This is a great autumn beer.

Belgian Tripel (9.0% ABV) – Hard-alcohol aroma and medium to full-bodied, the Tripel is honey golden in color with a banana candy flavor and aroma. Be careful, this baby is very high in alcohol.

Lava Rock Porter (6.2% ABV) – Toasty and full of chocolate aroma and flavor, this porter would be perfect next to a cozy fireside.

Dick’s is brewed on-site at NW Sausage and Deli and while the deli produces its own house smoked sausage and deli products. Have a seat in the diner or out on the pretty garden patio and enjoy a sandwich, salad or a pint.





Coming soon: Dick’s Brewing (finally), Sound Brewery, Slippery Pig Brewing, and The Olympic Club… July 7, 2011


This isn’t your grandmother’s “tea time.” July 1, 2011

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Just when I thought Dogfish Head Craft Brew Ales has done it all…they surprise me again with another amazing concoction.  While browsing through a local beer store I stumbled upon one of Dogfish Head’s rarities, Sah’Tea. Of course the label on the bottle is gorgeous but after reading the ingredients I was a little leery of what was inside.   Boy was I wrong!

Sah’Tea is based on a 9th century Finnish beer, Sahti, which was made with juniper berries, rye, and hot rocks. The beer was
boiled in wooden tanks by heating river rocks in a wood fire until white-hot and adding them directly into the tank. Dogfish Head, being who they are, cannot pass up a chance (or challenge) to craft a beer using the same techniques and ingredients as the originators. Like the Finnish recipe, Dogfish Head brews Sah’Tea using rye and Finnish-foraged juniper berries. To put their own signature on the brew, Dogfish adds their own twist on the 1,200-year-old recipe by adding a tea type blend of black tea, chai tea, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and black pepper…yes, black pepper. To further replicate the Finnish brewing process, Dogfish caramelizes the wort by throwing in white-hot river rocks and then ferments the beer with German Weizen Yeast. “So what’s it like” you ask?

An exotic aroma of spiced tea and raisins swirl around the nose. On first sip I caught flavors of nutmeg, cinnamon, coriander, banana, and sweet potato. Sah’Tea is medium bodied and well-balanced with a black tea and spice finish. Dogfish Head founder and President, Sam Calagione, describes Sah’Tea  as “a banana bread-like, unique beer.” And he’s not kidding! Sah’Tea is a lovely, exotic, unique beer.

Overall? I truly enjoyed this unusually splendid brew I don’t think I would pair this beer with food; it’s just too tasty! Oh…and it’s
9.0%ABV so be careful…be very, VERY careful. Being one of Dogfish Head’s rarity beers I would suggest running out to your nearest beverage store and picking up a bottle, or 3 or 4. You won’t be sorry!





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