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Beer…it’s not just for guys anymore! March 15, 2012

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Let’s be honest…the beer brewing culture is dominated by men for men. Beer is usually brewed for the male palate and sweeter beverages like ciders and mixed drinks are marketed more to women. That’s a shame. I know a whole slew of chicks that love their IPA’s and Pale Ales just as much (if not more) than their male counterparts. More and more women are jumping on the beer bandwagon and long gone are the days of “men only” bars and saloons. Women are beginning to make their mark on the culture becoming head brewers and, in some cases, brewery owners…and they are producing some tasty stuff!

Case in point is a lovely beer I had just a couple of weeks ago. Très Fem is a collaboration beer by Kathleen Hale of Hale’s Ales, Jessica Husted and Reina Powers of Der Blokken Brewery. This lovely cherry beer is brewed with 2-Row Pale malt, Wheat malt and Flaked barley along with Saaz hops and Belgian yeast blend and, of course, tart cherries. The aroma is absolutely lovely and full of cherries. The flavor is crisp and tart with a nice, sour finish. One of the great things about Très Fem is the touch of cherry sweetness that is not so overpowering that it no longer tastes like beer. The brewers compare this beauty to a Belgian Kriek and I couldn’t agree more. Très Fem would drink very nicely with a lovely fruit salad or chicken. On its own it would make for a great spring afternoon treat. For the dudes out there that think this sounds like “chick beer” I noticed just as many men enjoying Très Fem as the ladies.

Très Fem is available in kegs, 22oz bottles, and on tap but for only for a limited time so grab one while you can and….GO GIRL POWER!





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  2. Very good article, I’ll bookmark Beer…it’s not just for guys anymore! Pacific Northwest Beer Chick.

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