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¡Bienvenido Victoria! May 18, 2011

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Mexican food is one of my favorite styles of cuisine but when it comes to Mexican beer the choices are rather limited. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a Negro Modelo or Bohemia with my carne asada but let’s be honest; the aforementioned beers are good but Mexican beers aren’t really known for packing a lot of flavor so I’m always looking for another Mexican-brewed beer to compliment my meal. Well kids, it looks like Mexico has been holding out on us…for about 145 years.

Victoria Beer has been brewed in Mexico since 1865 and is the country’s oldest beer. It wasn’t until 2010 that it was made available in the United States. This Vienna lager is medium bodied, malty and refreshing with a great crisp, light hoppy, caramel finish. At 4.0% ABV, Victoria is very easy to drink and would go great with any meal this summer. This may sound kind of odd, but I also really like the simple and classic style yellow label on the bottle. Victoria is available in California, Illinois, Washington State, Texas, Colorado, Indiana, and is slowly making its way across the country. If you like classic Mexican beers you will truly enjoy Victoria.




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