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Slummin’ it in Bellevue. May 16, 2011

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Hubby and I decided to spend the day in Bellevue, WA to see how the “other half” lives (tongue firmly in cheek). Turns out the “other half” is doing just fine. Beautifully maintained streets, high-end shops, and six-figure vehicles are everywhere. It reminded me of Beverly Hills, CA. Oh, and they have two great beer establishments within just feet of each other. I’m speaking of Rock Bottom Brewery and the Tap House Grill.

Rock Bottom, one of CraftWorks Restaurant & Breweries many brands, has two locations in Washington State; Seattle and Bellevue, and 32 other locations across the country. Ok, I know, they’re a chain brewery but, unlike many chain breweries all Rock Bottom beers are brewed on-site and each location has their own distinct style.

Kölsch (5% ABV) – One of my favorite styles of beer, Rock Bottom’s version has a lovely sweet, peach aroma and a crisp, floral flavor and a light hoppy finish. What a great beer for spring.

White Ale (ABV unavailable) – Unfiltered and brewed with coriander and spices, the White Ale has a pretty clove aroma and flavor with floral notes and a crisp finish. This is another great springtime beer.

Rock Bottom IPA (ABV unavailable) – Wow! Talk about hops! But don’t be fooled, the taste is not a strong as you might think. The flavor starts out strong, but a subtle maltiness mellows it out nicely giving this IPA a soft, caramel and citrus finish.

Hop Bomb IPA (6.8% ABV) – Dark golden color and hop aroma, this IPA has the great grapefruit flavor hop heads crave and finishes crisp and clean. Hubby enjoyed this one.

Lumber Jack Red (5.8% ABV) – Great dark amber color and sweet honey aroma and flavor. The red is medium bodied and has a nice subtle fruity finish. This was my favorite beer of the day.

Fire Chief Red (6% ABV) – A toastier version of the Lumber Jack Red, Fire Chief is malty, crisp and has a flavor that reminds me of autumn. This beer would go very nicely on a cool evening next to a bonfire.

The Rock Bottom is beautiful and chic. And the food? Delightful.

After our fantastic lunch we walked about 50 paces away from the brewery to another chic place, the Tap House Grill, to have a pint…or 160…on tap! The Tap House Grill carries various styles of beer and cider from around the world. The wall of tap handles can be a bit overwhelming so take a look at their beer menu. The menu divides the beers on tap by style such as “Ales,” “Wheats,” “India Pale Ales” and “Belgians.” Still don’t know? The Tap House has a variety of sampler trays which includes 4 six-ounce glasses and each tray has a different personality. The Northwest Sampler includes beer brewed in the PNW and the World Tour tray includes beers from around the world. Or, if you’re feeling a bit “adventurous” let the bartender decide for you with the Bartender’s Pick Sampler.

So after a long day of shopping at Neiman Marcus and Jimmy Choo stop in to either one of these great hot spots to kick up your Louis Vuitton heels and enjoy a pint.




One Response to “Slummin’ it in Bellevue.”

  1. Jennah Says:

    This has made my day. I wish all potsnigs were this good.

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