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The British are Coming! April 30, 2011

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Okay, I admit it! I was one of the sappy folks who could not wait to watch the Royal Wedding! I love a good wedding and nothing tops seeing a gorgeous “commoner” marry her prince. (Sigh) How romantic! So I looked for a beverage that would get me in the spirit of this “fairytale” event, but what to choose?

Tea? Trendy. Bass Ale? Nah, too common. Boddingtons? Newcastle? Too predictable. Then it hit me… what better way to celebrate this happy event than to drink Prince William’s beverage of choice; Cider!

I’m sure many of you are saying “but PNW Beer Chick…cider isn’t beer!” I know, but some of the oldest and most respected beer breweries also dabble in ciders. And why not? Dating as far back as Ancient Egypt, it is one of the oldest fermented beverages in the world and still one of the most popular today. Now, I didn’t grab just any cider. It had to be British. Otherwise what was the point? I wanted something that screamed Great Britain so to me the choice was clear… I grabbed a bottle of Samuel Smith’s Organic Cider.

Samuel Smith’s has been producing some of the Britain’s finest beers since 1758 and it is the oldest brewery in Yorkshire. Best known in the U.S. for their Oatmeal Stout, Nut Brown Ale, and Old Brewery Pale Ale, I was quite excited to find they also made cider. Organically grown apples are used to create a crisp, sweet (but not too sweet), yet slightly dry cider that would make the Prince himself smile. It is light bodied and is perfect for spring, but could easily be a year round cider.  Samuel Smith’s Organic Cider is only 5% ABV, but so delicious it would be quite easy to get carried away.

So, to celebrate “the greatest event of the 21st century”, put on a ridiculously large hat or your favorite morning tux, pour a Samuel Smith’s Organic Cider, and raise a toast to the happy couple!




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