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TIP OF THE WEEK: H2O – Nectar of Life and Preventer of Hangover? January 16, 2011

I am not one who drinks beer for the purpose of getting drunk. I choose to enjoy my beer and the company I keep instead of wondering what I did the night before while hugging the porcelain God (or Goddess for my pagan friends). In my opinion, frat boys need not apply and if forgetting the evening is your sole purpose of drinking beer…then why are you viewing this blog? But, there is the rare occasion when one does have a few too many and wakes up wishing for sweet death. How do you prevent this unfortunate side effect? Agua, H2O, voda, das Wasser, uisge, mizu, good old-fashioned water.

What many people forget about when drinking is that alcohol is a diuretic which means it causes frequent urination and flushes water from the body. The result? Dehydration. The headache one gets the next morning is a direct symptom of dehydration. The best thing to do to prevent the “kicked in the back on the head” feeling is to drink water before, during and after you drink alcohol. Now the amount of water you should drink is still up for debate but it has been proven that drinking water throughout the night helps keep you hydrated and most people have reported either a slight headache to no headache whatsoever. This is no old wives tale, drinking water helps to prevent the morning after headache.

Scott and I have experimented with this theory for quite some time (years actually) and we both agree that when we drink water while drinking beer neither one of us experiences the infamous headache. I personally try to drink at leat 1 pint of water with each pint of beer. The other benefit of drinking water is it slows one down from chugging their beverage and they actually drink less. Another plus if you ask me. Now some may say drinking water is for wusses. My response, I would rather enjoy my night instead of regretting my morning.




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