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Quick tips to get to know your local breweries: December 26, 2010

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When stepping into an unfamiliar brewery for the first time, one may be a bit overwhelmed with beer options. Here are a few great tips to heighten your beer experience.

Look over the tap handles and tell the bartender what type of beer you usually like: “I like malty,” “I usually drink wheat beers,” “I like a lot of hoppy flavor.” This will give the bartender and idea of what type of brew you would enjoy and he or she can suggest what they have that might suit you.

If you still aren’t sure what you would like, see if they have a beer sampler tray. Most breweries offer some sort of sampler and usually place the beer from lowest alcohol content to highest. If they don’t have a sampler tray, ask for a sample before ordering. Many places will be glad to let you sample the brews on tap for free before ordering a full pint, but some may charge $1.00 per taste.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for clarification when it comes to flavors and NEVER be ashamed to ask your bartender to exchange a beer that you do not like. Remember, your bartender is the professional and is there to help.




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